Customisable incident escalation Policies

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Escalation Alerting

Notification Options

In this section, you can determine the recipients of your notifications. Some of the primary notification options encompass:
  • Specific team members
  • The current SMS team
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Notification time period settings
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Multi-step policy

Multi-step policies allow for a detailed escalation process, ensuring that incidents are escalated through defined stages, each with its own actions or notifications. By setting up multiple steps, you can ensure that incidents are addressed promptly. Each step can have different response times and associated actions, leading to quicker issue resolution.

Time Based rules

Time-based rules

With time-based rules, you can set predefined times during which an escalation policy should be temporarily halted. This can be useful during non-critical hours, such as evenings or weekends, when you may not want to disturb on-call teams unnecessarily. By stopping the escalation, you can prevent notifications from being sent during these time frames.

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Repeating policy

Repeating Policy in escalation involves a recurring pattern of actions taken when an incident is not resolved or acknowledged within a specific timeframe. These repeating policies are often designed to ensure that incidents continue to receive attention and follow-up until they are effectively addressed.