UptimeMonster Public Roadmap

UptimeMonster is here to relentlessly monitors your systems, ensuring peak performance and alerting you to any disruptions. Check out what we have developed so far and what to expect!

UptimeMonster Roadmap


Website Backup

Webhook Integration

Visit Analytics

Live Traffic Monitoring

Whitelist Management

Error Monitoring for other CMS

Essential Admin Tools

Interactive Dashboard

Email Alert System

IP Lookup Tool

Detailed Threat Logs

Headers Inspection

Fake Bots Verification

Bad Bots & Crawlers Shield

Comprehensive Ban System

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

DNSBL Spam Defense

Profanity & Bad Content Filtering

Input Sanitization

Spam & Bot Protection

Proxy, VPN, and TOR Defense

SQLi & XSS Protection

In Progress

GitHub App Integration

Slack App Integration


Resource Wise Contacts Management

WordPress Theme Management

WordPress Plugin Management

Server Network Monitor

Server SSH Connection Monitor

Server CPU Load Check

Resopurce Group Management

Team Member Management

Multiple Organization Management

DNS Lookup Chceck

IP Blacklist Check

Search String Missing Check

SSL Certificate Check

Incident Timeline Report

Private Status Page

Server Realtime Process Monitor

Incident Timeline Report

Escalation Policy

Private Status Page

Public Status Page

Check Monitor Module

Website Monitor module

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