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Website Monitoring & Management

Check your website availability and accessibility with real time notification that helps you to take remedial action before anything goes wrong. UptimeMonster website monitor service will allow you to check your website uptime, status, performance and security. The reliable monitoring warns you instantly before any significant error and trouble.

uptime website monitoring about

Server Monitoring & Management

Check your server error and issues with root cause analysis abilities. Make your server monitoring and maintenance easy with UptimeMonster flexible features. The easy interface will allow you to view the past and present metrics of your server. You can see your server’s CPU performance, average load, RAM, disk and network process.

Get instant alerts on any metric and use visualizations for capacity planning.

uptime website monitoring about

Check Monitoring

Monitor your network performance like IP, DNS, Service port, Application and others using the check monitoring tools. It will enable you to understand the network behavior and track NetFlow. Our check monitoring service will give you full control over your network. The check monitoring types are as follows

  • TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
  • UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
  • ICMP PING (Internet Control Message Protocol)
  • DNS (Domain Name Server)
  • IP Blacklist
  • Application Monitoring

All in one WordPress care

Focus on your business and run your digital agency, We'll handle your WordPress headaches including servers, errors, security and more.

Update Notification

Core CMS as well as themes and plugins require immediate update and UptimeMonster ensures that the user will get all update notifications in one place.

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Login Security

Check your login security controls and alert you from any kinds of brute force and automated attacks. It also can monitor your IP access control.

Incident Response Time

UptimeMonster will alert you of every incident that happens on your WordPress website with push notification, SMS, email, Whatsapp and others. You can choose your preferable medium to get notified.

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security on your website. UptimeMonster offers standard 2FA features to make your admin area more secure.

Security Check

We know the importance of web security. UptimeMonster will dedicatedly check the security issues and everyday traffic health of your WordPress site.

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Complete Infrastructure monitoring for your server

Monitor and maintain multiple servers and Infrastructure for performance metrics. Our server monitoring tool provides you with in depth visibility of performance for all types of server like application server, mail server, virtual server database server and others.

Get you server performance metrics like CPU usage, Load average, Memory status, Disk usages, services, Processes and many more.

What makes UptimeMonster different from others monitoring tools

UptimeMonster pulls together all the essential monitoring tools in one place with an easy interface so that a normal user can manage their websites and servers.

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Easy of Use

The UptimeMonster easy interface will allow everyone to manage their website and server. You don’t need to be a professional to maintain, add and monitor your servers and websites. All the processes are easy and user friendly.

Easy setup

Setup your account in less than five minutes with advanced integration to choose from. The easy customization features will allow you to edit all you need. There are different integration options available, so you can choose the best one for you.

Secured and Safe

UptimeMonster store your information in a encrypted way so you don’t need to worry about your information. All your data are secure and fully safe with us.