Extensive server monitoring and maintenance tool

Collect, correlate and monitor servers alongside data from the rest of your stack. UptimeMonster server monitoring allows you to visualize, analyze and track down different query metrics happening on your server so that you can prevent it before anything goes wrong.

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Keep a close eye on your servers

In order to keep your application up and running smoothly you need to ensure the best performance from your server. But monitoring the server in real time is a critical task. You need to find out the overloaded and poor performance host and take the right steps to up your services. For this you need to have a better understanding of your server status and architecture.

UptimeMonster will check everything 24x7 and provide you the visibility status of your servers, no matter how complex the circumstances are.

Utilize your server resources at its best

Maintaining server uptime is a tough, but a necessary and very important task. UptimeMonster server monitoring agents are your go-to resource for the data that you need to maximize your uptime and tracking performance-related metrics for a variety of Linux server configurations.

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sm details section image

Visualize all servers key system metrics in one place

Measure your server performance by monitoring CPU and memory, using swap, net inbound & outbound, and RAM metrics to spot wasted machines. You can see all these metrics overviews in one place with a visualized performance meter. Analyze the overall performance metrics to optimize over provisioned resources and cut costs

Unify RAM usages with correlated data

Using the RAM Usages diagram you can get the data when and why the ram usages were higher. Use this data to analyze and optimize the performance of your server.

ram usages section image
ram usages section image

Analyze CPU usage in every second

UptimeMonster will monitor your CPU performance and show you the arrograted usages percentage. Investigate CPU tasks and issues down to the individual host level with tag-based metrics and alerts.

Monitor real time Load Average with different time interval

Load average is the average system load of your server on a specific period of time. To make your server performance smooth you need to monitor the load average and optimize the higher resource consuming tasks or process. Monitoring the server load average is very critical, so UptimeMonster will monitor your server load average every minute and notify you if your server load average is high.

You can set you load average parameter based on your system resources so it will automatically monitor and notify you when the load average reached your limit.

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Disk Usage

Analyze the percentage of the disk currently being used on your server to perform programs or tasks. Disk usage plays a very important role on server performance rather than the storage capacity. If your disk reaches to the limit it will definitely hamper the performance of the server. UptimeMonster will monitor your disk usage and notify you to ensure the smooth performance of your server.

Act on real-time Network Speed insights

Track key network metrics, such as IO and eth0, latency to monitor the health of traffic between any two endpoints.

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Create your own customized trigger

UptimeMonster enable you to create custom trigger based on your server configuration and resources. Based on your created trigger and criteria an incident will open and you will get an instant notification for the open incident. When an incident closes you will also get notified.

There are different types of trigger types are available for your server such as

For creating an trigger you need to add the trigger type and then set the comparison, limit value and occurrence. Then when the trigger meets the criteria it will create an incident and notify you. You can add the user role or user group to get the incident notification. There are several notification methods to choose one.

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