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uptime website monitoring about

The world's leading uptime & performance monitoring tool.

Our advanced uptime monitoring tool will keep an eye on your website. With so many moving parts in your website, keeping control over your web performance is not an easy job.

Every time UptimeMonster performs a check, detailed performance data about your page is captured which will give you a ton of context about how your page is doing—performance-wise.

uptime website monitoring about

No compromise on website performance

Slow loading websites not only disturb the user but also reduce the conversion rate too. No one wants to waste their time loading your website. There are different reasons to slow down a page. UptimeMonster will monitor and analyze the reasons and prevent them.

Using the real time performance data log you can get the load time, HTTP status and search string for any specific period of time.

Get every single activities of your WordPress website

Don’t miss any single update from your WordPress website. Install and activate the plugin and this will notify you about your website.

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Details activity log so you can understand inside your website

From the WordPress activity log you can find any action details on your website with the user name and ip. Like if an editor of your website installs or deletes a plugin, you can get that details on the activity log with the exact time and date.

Update Notification

If you are a WordPress user then you should know the importance of keeping your WordPress updated. Our tool monitors every update and its log carefully including update type and security vulnerability and leak so you can understand which thing you need to update fast and which one last.


Advanced Error Check

Proactively discover, predict, and resolve errors in real-time with the error log. UptimeMonster will monitor and store all the error logs in a place so that you can analyze and take steps. You can get a detailed error log with error type, message and time.



When an trigger fulfills the criteria it will create an alert. See the alert type, time, comparison and current status to analyze and improve the performance. UptimeMonster keep all the alert log so if you miss anything you can get it easily.


Create your own customized trigger

UptimeMonster enable you to create custom trigger based on your website configuration and resources. Based on your created trigger and criteria an alert will open and you will get an instant notification for the open alert. When an alert closes you will also get notified.

There are different types of trigger types are available for website such as -

For creating an trigger you need to add the trigger type and then set the comparison, limit value and occurrence. Then when the trigger meets the criteria it will create an alert and notify you. You can add the user role or user group to get the alert notification. There are several notification methods to choose one