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uptime wordpress activity log

WordPress Activity Log

“Empower your website security with WordPress activity log. Keep a watchful eye on every action, user, and update. Enhance your control and security today!”

You can discover detailed information about any action on your website, along with the associated user name and IP address, through the WordPress activity log. Our tool diligently monitors all activities taking place on your website and compiles them into a comprehensive log.

Site Health Check

“Boost Your Website's Health and Security with Site Health Check! Dive into Performance and Security Reports, Resolve Issues, and Achieve Peak WordPress Well-Being. Discover Critical Insights, Proven Recommendations, and a Site in Top Shape!”

The Site Health Status feature provides important information regarding your WordPress configuration and areas that require your attention. If there are any deficiencies that require attention, the Site Health log evaluates them based on two main categories.

uptime wordpress site health check
uptime manage plugins

Manage Plugins

“Simplify WordPress Plugin Management! Effortlessly Handle Plugins with Version Details, Author Info, and Auto-Update Status. Seamlessly Install, Activate, and Deactivate – All from One Convenient Tool!”

See all the installed plugin of your website with version and other info. Install a new plugin without going to your WordPress website. Just click on the Install New Plugin button and search and install plugin using the default WordPress plugin directory.

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Don’t miss any single update from your WordPress website. Install and activate the plugin and this will notify you about your website.

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Manage Themes

“Effortless WordPress Theme Management! Monitor Installed Themes with Version and Author Information, Check Active Theme Compatibility, and Enjoy Hassle-Free Theme Installation, Activation, Updates, and Deletion – All Without the Need to Log into Your Website.”

You can see all the installed themes on your WordPress website from the Theme option. It also shows you the plugin version. author name and plugin status. It also shows if any parent theme is available for your active theme.

uptime ma23nage plugins
uptime ma23nage plugins

Site Error Log

“Enhance Website Security and Performance! UptimeMonster's Site Error Log Keeps You Informed and Protected. Proactively Detect Security Threats, Monitor IP Access Control, and Store Error Logs for Real-time Analysis. Get Precise Details on Error Type, Message, and Timestamp.”

We know the importance of web security and performance. UptimeMonster will dedicatedly check the security and performance issues and everyday traffic health of your WordPress site. Check your login security controls and alert you to any kinds of brute force and automated attacks. It also can monitor your IP access control.