Alert the right person at the right time

Send incident updates via email, SMS, WhatsApp and other mediums at the right time to the right person.

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Incident management reimagined

Get all the debug data you need and collaborate with your teammates on fixing the root cause of the incident.

Our advanced incident management features will help you to -

  • Eliminating manual tasks and human errors
  • Reducing service team’s workloads and overall costs
  • Enhancing visibility across service operations and improving efficiency
  • Improving service quality through standard processes and faster response management
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All you need to manage incidents

Automatic Communication

Automating incident communication simplifies and accelerates response management while streamlining incident lifecycle management.

Smart Alerts

Customizable alerts to make sure that the right person gets the message in the right way. You have many different methods to get alerts to your team. You can choose one or multiple communication methods depending on the error and your staff’s needs.

Incident audit timeline

With the audit timeline report, you can see how the incident happened and who was involved as well as who got the alert.

No compromise on website performance

Slow loading websites not only disturb the user but also reduce the conversion rate too. No one wants to waste their time loading your website. There are different reasons to slow down a page. UptimeMonster will monitor and analyze the reasons and prevent them.

Using the real time performance data log you can get the load time, HTTP status and search string for any specific period of time.

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What Clients Say About Our Platform

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Hear what others are saying about us!

“Good and less expensive”

Uptime Monster is good and less expensive for me. I can easily add my servers for monitoring. I have recommended it to colleagues who are just starting out in system administration, and it has been very helpful.



CEO of Pixelaar

“Best for standard monitoring”

I Used Uptime Monster for a couple of days and it satisfied me. I just had to sign in, add my server ip and that’s it. You can set the site or server to be monitored every one second. For a low priced tool, it’s a great feature.



CEO of HashDash

“Outstanding alert system for downtime”

I like the interface very much. It does not confuse me with so many options. As an example, creating an alert needs just a few clicks. Using the free version right now and am very pleased with their service updates and alert emails.



Head of Design

What makes UptimeMonster different from others monitoring tools

UptimeMonster pulls together all the essential monitoring tools in one place with an easy interface so that a normal user can manage their websites and servers.

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Easy of Use

The UptimeMonster easy interface will allow everyone to manage their website and server. You don’t need to be a professional to maintain, add and monitor your servers and websites. All the processes are easy and user friendly.

Easy setup

Setup your account in less than five minutes with advanced integration to choose from. The easy customization features will allow you to edit all you need. There are different integration options available, so you can choose the best one for you.

Secured and Safe

UptimeMonster store your information in a encrypted way so you don’t need to worry about your information. All your data are secure and fully safe with us.