Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, We do monitor the RBL list. You can check the list of the RBLs we check from here:

No at this moment customization on RBLs checking is not available.

No on-call schedule feature is available right now. We will add the feature in the future.

Yes, we have SMS features as a notification method. You can also get a notification by email and as a push notification.

We don’t have any alert yet when a page is changed. But if the WordPress plugin is installed in your website it will show the log if the page is changed and by whom.

At this time it’s not possible. But in the future, we will work on it.

Yes, you can monitor Shopify websites for basic monitoring. Our advanced monitoring feature is now only available for WordPress websites

Our support team is available 24*7 for you whenever you need support. If you purchase our annual plan we will support and update you throughout the year..

To renew your license you need to have enough money in your credit card so that our system can automatically charge and continue the license.

Sorry, you can’t monitor private IPs. IP must need to be publically accessible as it’s a hosted service.


Yes, we are indeed working on adding webhooks as part of our efforts to enhance integration capabilities.

The custom domain feature is not available right now. It will be available in the future.

Yes you can.

Yes, We do offer 14 days free trail.

Yes, you can check ip with custom port number. You can add the port number with the IP address.


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