How to Setup Email Notifications for WordPress Updates

How to Setup Email Notifications for WordPress Updates

Looking for a way to set up email notifications for WordPress updates.WordPress, with its frequent updates and improvements, ensures a secure and efficient platform for website owners. Staying updated is crucial for security, performance, and feature enhancements. However, keeping track of these updates manually can be time-consuming. Fortunately, WordPress allows you to set up email notifications for updates, enabling you to stay informed and proactive. This guide’ll walk you through the steps to easily configure email notifications for WordPress updates.

Importance of WordPress Updates

WordPress regularly releases updates for its core software, themes, and plugins. These updates often include bug fixes, security patches, and new features. Failing to update your WordPress installation can leave your website vulnerable to security threats and may result in performance issues.

Setup Email Notifications for WordPress Updates

The easiest and quickest way to set up WordPress update email notifications is to use a plugin. There are different plugins available for this task but here we are using the Easy Updates Manager WordPress plugin. Navigate to the WordPress plugin directory and install and activate the plugin.

After successfully installing the plugin you need to configure it. Navigate to Dashboard > Updates Options page. From here look for the Notifications and enter the email address where you want to receive notifications.

After that, you can enable notifications for the following updates :

  • WordPress core
  • Plugin
  • Theme
  • Translation


Additional Tips

Regularly Review Notifications: Keep an eye on the notifications to stay informed about available updates.
Schedule Maintenance Time: Plan regular maintenance sessions to apply updates promptly.
Backup Your Site: Before updating, create a backup of your website to prevent any unforeseen issues.


Configuring email notifications for WordPress updates using the Easy Updates Manager plugin is a simple yet effective way to stay on top of your website’s maintenance. By receiving timely notifications, you can ensure that your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins are always up-to-date, thus enhancing your site’s security and performance. Stay proactive and streamline your WordPress experience with automated update notifications!

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