A beginner’s guide to WordPress maintenance services

A beginner’s guide to WordPress maintenance services

Do you want to run your website smoothly and want to know about WordPress maintenance services?

Nowadays maximum websites are based on WordPress CMS. WordPress offers so many advantages for website owners to run their websites smoothly. But most of the website owners are not aware of the WordPress maintenance services. They don’t think that their WordPress website needs maintenance. They don’t give any importance to website maintenance services. Instead of giving importance most of the website owners take WordPress maintenance service as a hassle.

If you are not maintaining your website properly then you are hurting your business so badly. Without proper maintenance your website could be hacked, slow down, search engine failure, layout broken and many bad things can happen to your website.

Maintaining a website for the website owners is not an easy task. They need to give time and extra effort to make the website performance healthy. If you don’t have the time and are trying to get rid of the hassle to maintain your WordPress website then you can look for WordPress maintenance services.

WordPress maintenance services offer you all you need to keep your website perfect and error-free. So here in this article, you are going to discuss WordPress maintenance services and the area of services you need to maintain your website.

What is website maintenance?

When you build a house you need to take some extra care to keep your house safe from dust and other incidents. If you have a car you need to go to the service center every month to check if everything is okay or not. Like your house or car, your website also needs that care.

You can easily buy a house but maintaining it is not easy. You need to clean it and vacuum it regularly, you have cleaned the furniture and fixed any broken parts. All these need extra effort. Similarly, you can easily launch your website but to make your website perfect you need to take care of it.

You can buy a domain and host easily and there are many website builders and themes available to create the website. But for maintenance, it’s a long-term process and that’s where WordPress maintenance service can help you.

Service area a WordPress maintenance service offer

A WordPress maintenance service offers you all you need to run your website smoothly and perfectly without any errors. It can ensure your website security and regular update of themes and plugins. Here are some of the area WordPress maintenance service can cover-

Make a backup of your website

Backup is the most important thing for your website. If your website is being hacked or mistakenly you remove any core file then you can retrieve it from the backup option if you enable the backup of your website. Backup is the most important of a website for ensuring its security.

WordPress maintenance service will make sure to backup your website automatically so that if any sudden incident occurs you don’t need to worry about losing your data and information. Everything will be safe and secure. It also checks regularly that the backup system works properly or not.

You can use a backup plugin to backup your website. There are a lot of backup plugins available. See this article to know the best backup plugins for WordPress.

Clean up website database

Another important part to keep website performance stable is to regularly clean website unnecessary databases. If you do not check your database many unnecessary files can slow up your website speed. So it is very important to clean up the database. There are lots of plugins available to clean your database but it will not properly help you. WordPress maintenance service can help you here to properly remove all the unnecessary data and keep your website performance smooth.

Search Engine Indexing

You are having a website with lots of features and contents but it’s not visible with search engines and the users are not able to find it then there is no value of your website. So it is very very important to make your website for everyone. That’s where search engine indexing is important. Without a search engine, you will be unable to get proper traffic to your website. WordPress maintenance service will make sure to make your website on search engines and analyze your search traffic and give reports to improve your search engine presence.

Comments and spam

Spam comments are very harmful to any website. If your website is getting popular many people will post comments on your website for other reasons. They can promote their products or add any script in the comments. So it is very very important to remove the spam comment.  Website maintenance service will make sure to protect your website safe from all types of spamming.


Security is the most important thing you need to consider. To make your website secure, website maintenance services will do security checks regularly. Scanning your website for malware and other harmful elements. You might think you will not be a target of hackers but malware doesn’t know who you are so it is very important to make the website secure.

Check SEO and Analytics

When you have a website you want to have many visitors on your website. That’s why search engine optimization is required. If you are not visible in search engines then how people will find you. To get maximum traffic from search engine to your website your WordPress maintained service will  –

  • Review search engine console
  • Create permalinks
  • Analysis Google Analytics report and advise you what to do
  • Optimize your website page
  • Set keyword and meta description
  • Optimize you title

Fix 404 errors

If your users visit any URL that doesn’t exist on your website then WordPress will show 404 errors. If the users visit any misleading ERL then they will have a bad impression of your website. So you need to find the 404 errors pages and redirect them. you can also show a 404 message to the misleading URL.

Wrapping up

Maintaining a website is not as easy to create. You have to give so much effort and time if you need to handle all this all alone. If you are not able to maintain your website it will slow down and a slow website will hamper your business. Visitors are not willing to waste their time loading your website. To hold the users you need a fast and fully working website and a WordPress website maintenance service like Pixelaar will ensure you that.

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