How to fix The WordPress Theme Stylesheet Is Missing error

How to fix The WordPress Theme Stylesheet Is Missing error

Looking for a way to fix the theme stylesheet is missing error on your WordPress website? Every WordPress theme contains some specific files to create the features and functionalities of your website. Every WordPress theme has different features, functionalities, and designs. To apply the theme features and functionalities on your website you need to install the theme first. Upon installation WordPress may face some errors like installation failed, package not found, theme stylesheet missing, and others.

Most of the errors are related to the style.css file of the theme. So before fixing the error you need to find out the reason behind the error. Here in this article, we will guide you to the easiest way to fix the WordPress Theme Stylesheet Is Missing error in your website.

Reasons behind the theme stylesheet missing error

There are many reasons behind the theme stylesheet missing error. Here we will discuss some common reasons for this error.

Incorrect theme installation

Sometimes incorrect theme installation causes this error. To install a WordPress theme you need to upload a zip file. If you do not upload the zip file then WordPress won’t be able to install the theme. Another theme installation failed is to upload the theme in the wrong directory. So make sure that you have the right file in the right directory.

Uploading the entire zip file

When you download a theme file from other sources, sometimes the zip file contains all sorts of files and folders like –

  • Documentation
  • Screenshot
  • Demo content
  • Export files
  • PSD files and others

If you upload the whole zip file without checking then WordPress won’t allow you to install the theme and show you the stylesheet is missing an error.

Not a WordPress theme

If you upload a non WordPress theme file like an HTML theme on your WordPress theme installation then it will get you a stylesheet missing error.

Style.css file misplaced

For a WordPress theme, the style.css file should be placed in the theme folder. If the style.css file is available in another folder instead of the theme folder the installation process won’t be complete. This will show you the stylesheet is missing an error message on your WordPress website.

Consider plugin  as a theme

Nowadays there are many plugins available that offer you features and functionalities like a theme. Some people consider those plugins as a theme and upload them to the theme folder. This will lead them to the stylesheet missing error on WordPress.

Fix the WordPress Theme Stylesheet Is Missing error

Check the zip file

Upload the correct theme zip file. Double check the file and make sure that you have uploaded the right file. Extract the zip file to see the folders on it. You need to upload only the theme files on your WordPress theme installation.

Upload the file in the right directory

There are different ways to upload a file for theme installation on WordPress. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and then navigate to the Appearance > Themes page. Now click on the Add New > Upload Theme button and select your theme file.

add theme

After selecting the theme file click on the Install Now button. It will install the theme on your WordPress website. After installing you need to activate the theme.

Another way to install a theme on your website is to use an FTP client to upload the file on the theme folder to your server. Open the root directory of your site and go to the wp-content > themes folder. Create a new theme folder and upload the theme file to it.

theme stylesheet

Place the style.css file in the right folder

If you have the right file and upload it to the right directory but still the error exists then you need to look for the style.css file location. If the file is misplaced, you will get the error. So make sure that the file is in the right location. Place the style.css file on the theme folder, not in another folder to avoid the error.

Rezip the file

If your downloaded file has more than the theme file then you need to unzip the file and again zip only the theme file. Then upload the theme zip file on your WordPress website to install the theme properly.

Wrapping Up

Following the process, you will be able to fix the theme stylesheet missing errors in your WordPress website. You can see our other articles to learn How to fix the ‘Installation Failed: Could Not Create Directory’ error in WordPress

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