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Analyze CPU usage every second

UptimeMonster will monitor your CPU performance and show you the arrogated usage percentage. Investigate CPU tasks and issues down to the individual host level with tag-based metrics and alerts.

With CPU usage you can also monitor CPU load in three time intervals –

  • 1 Minute
  • 5 Minute
  • 15 Minute

The load average is the average CPU load of your server over a specific period of time. To make your server performance smooth you need to monitor the load average and optimize the higher resource-consuming tasks or processes. Monitoring the server load average is very critical, so UptimeMonster will monitor your server load average every minute and notify you if your server load average is high. 

You can set your load average parameter based on your system resources so it will automatically monitor and notify you when the load average reach.

The filer data features work here too. So you can view the data for your required time period.

Cpu usages graph
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