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Allow Port in Ubuntu

You need to open port: 5991 on your server to allow our agent to connect your server to the application.


  1. Admin Access: You need administrative (root) access to the Ubuntu server.
  2. UFW Installed: UFW should be installed and enabled on your system.

1. Check if UFW is Installed and Active

First, verify that UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) is installed and active on your system.

  • Check UFW Status: sudo ufw status
    • If UFW is active, you will see a list of the currently allowed services and ports. If it is inactive, it will show as inactive.
  • Install UFW (if not installed): sudo apt-get install ufw
  • Enable UFW (if inactive): sudo ufw enable

2. Allow Port 5991

To allow traffic on port 5991, use the following command:

Allow TCP and UDP Traffic on port 5991: sudo ufw allow 5991 This command allows both TCP and UDP traffic on port 5991.

3. Verify the Rule

After adding the rule, confirm that it has been applied correctly.

  • Check UFW Status: sudo ufw status You should see an entry that lists port 5991 as allowed.

4. Reload UFW (if necessary)

Although UFW typically applies changes immediately, you can reload it to ensure the new rules are applied:

sudo ufw reload

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