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Collect, correlate, and monitor servers alongside data from the rest of your stack. UptimeMonster server monitoring allows you to visualize, analyze and track down different query metrics happening on your server so that you can prevent it before anything goes wrong.

In order to keep your application up and running smoothly, you need to ensure the best performance from your server. But monitoring the server in real-time is a critical task. You need to find out the overloaded and poor performance host and take the right steps to up your services. For this, you need to have a better understanding of your server status and architecture. RoxyWP will check everything 24*7 and provide you with the visibility status of your servers, no matter how complex the circumstances are.

UptimeMonster server monitoring is an agent-based server monitoring service. So you need to install the agent on every server to be monitored. To get the best performance from UptimeMonster, make sure to run the latest version of the agent.

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