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Data Retention Policy


This document provides detailed information about the data retention policy for UptimeMonster’s website monitoring module. Understanding how long your data is stored and managed helps ensure compliance, data integrity, and optimal performance of our services.

Data Retention Period

Retention Duration: Data for the website monitoring module in UptimeMonster is retained for 30 days.

Types of Data Collected

UptimeMonster collects and stores various types of data related to your website’s performance and uptime. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Uptime and Downtime Logs: Records of when your website is online (up) or offline (down).
  2. Performance Metrics: Data on response times, load times, and other performance indicators.
  3. Incident Reports: Detailed reports on any issues or outages experienced by your website.
  4. Alert History: Logs of notifications and alerts sent during the monitoring period.

Data Storage and Access

  • Storage Location: All collected data is securely stored in our cloud-based infrastructure, designed to ensure both data security and availability.
  • Access and Retrieval: You can access and review your website’s data through the UptimeMonster dashboard. This data is readily available for analysis.

Data Deletion and Management

  • Automatic Deletion: After the 30-day retention period, data is automatically deleted from our servers. This process is part of our routine maintenance to ensure that our systems run efficiently and your data remains secure.
  • User-initiated Deletion: You can manually delete data before the end of the 30 days if you no longer require it. For manual deletion please contact [email protected]

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