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WordPress Website Management

We are helping businesses across the globe to improve the performance and security of their websites.

We are one of the top website maintenance companies in the world having more than 199+ client who already trust us for their website. We have been working since 2013, and in this long journey we have developed more than 15000 websites all over the world which make us confident to say loudly “We are the best we know the best”.

If your website is running on WordPress then you can install our UptimeMonster Site Monitor plugin to get advanced control of your website. Install and activate the plugin on your website and then add the API and Secret Key to configure the plugin. You will find the API key and Secret key in the application WordPress tab under your website.

Site Monitor Plugin

Copy the keys and move on to your website and navigate to the Plugins page. Now find the UptimeMonster Site Monitor and click on the settings option.

Uptimemonster site monitor

Now paste the API key and Secret key to their field and click on the Save button. It will connect your website to the application.

The services offer the following features 

24/7 WordPress Site Monitoring

Our monitoring tool will check your website 24/7 and alert you if anything goes wrong. So you can easily prevent any incident before it happens


Is your website not functioning? Our monitoring tool is here to maintain it properly. It makes sure your website is up and running smoothly.

Regular Updates

Core CMS as well as themes and plugins require immediate updates and UptimeMonster ensures that the user will get all update notifications in one place.


We know the importance of web security. UptimeMonster will dedicatedly check the security issues and everyday traffic health of your WordPress site.

Error Fixing

No more worrying about bugs, errors, and security breaches. We harden your website for you.

Mobile & Browser Optimization

We make Sure That Visitors Who Access Your Site From Mobile Devices Have an Experience Optimized For The Device.

24/7 Emergency Support

Our Experienced and Professional Support Staff Are Always Ready To Help You For Your Needs.

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